Keep the Dream Alive

The story I’m about to tell was written by God. Now, there are a few characters in this story, mainly, a husband, wife and their three daughters and a little boy in a country far, far away. The husband, wife and daughters knew nothing of the little boy. Neither did the little boy know anything about the husband, wife and their daughters. Little did this family and the little boy know God was inking his quill, arranging his paper and getting ready to write a story that would change their lives dramatically.
The story begins with the husband , wife and three daughters. After the husband and wife had their third baby girl they were so happy. Life was good and their family was complete. So complete, the husband and wife decided not to have anymore children, ever. They lived life for many years content and happy.
A few years later, God put a desire in the heart of the wife; she wanted a son. Not just a son for her and her husband, but a brother for her daughters. The wife expressed her desire to her husband and since they couldn’t have anymore children they dismissed the idea. But the desire grew slowly and steady in the woman’s heart. While cleaning the house, driving, and doing everyday activities, she would occasionally talk to God about her heart’s desire.
Then, one day, while vacuuming and talking to God she mentioned her heart’s desire to Him and He spoke to her saying “I will give you a son.” Knowing God is a god of His word, the wife silently and tearfully rejoiced. Occasionally, the wife wondered how God would do it. But when many years passed and no son, the wife hid her heart’s desire deep down in her heart where it lay dormant for a long time.
Through a series of God orchestrated events, the little boy from a country far, far away, with no family of his own, came to visit the husband, wife and three daughters. The husband and wife were determined to find the little boy a family and permanent home. They introduced him to everyone they knew in hopes somebody would adopt him. But, during the boy’s visit, the husband and three daughters grew to love the boy as their own. While the husband and three daughters wanted to keep the boy as their own, the wife was very unsure. She didn’t want any more children. She had forgotten about her heart’s desire.
Just days before the little boy was to return to his country far, far away, a string of events touched the wife’s heart. God reminded her of her heart’s desire for a son, “This is the son I promised you,” God said to her. And the wife’s heart was overflowing with joy and she rejoiced openly for her son and for God‘s faithfulness to her.
Within months, the little boy from a country far, far away became the son of the husband and wife and the brother to the three daughters. To this day the wife rejoices for God fulfilled His promise and gave her her heart’s desire.
The End


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2 Responses to Keep the Dream Alive

  1. bff says:

    love ya!


  2. Angie says:

    This story makes me tear up! I couldn’t imagine life without him. Not ever do I think of him as being adopted; he’s been my brother since the day he was born.


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