My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

waiting …could be the hardest thing.

To husband: “Are you ever going to quit smoking?”

For years my darling husband has said things like “When our first child is born, I’m quitting smoking” (she’s now 27 years old), “When cigarettes get to $5 a pack, I’m quitting” (you smokers know how long ago that was!) and “I’m quitting after this pack.” Yet each attempt yields the same results, he doesn’t quit smoking.

All these years I have dutifully encouraged him “Don’t quit quitting.” “You can do it.” Lately, I feel like saying “Quit quitting. Just smoke yourself to death.”

My hubby has been a smoker for over 30 years. I have never smoked. I respect his habit but feel like his problem is becoming my problem. He has to have a cig after each meal, before we go somewhere, when we get somewhere, which means I spend a lot of time waiting. Ugh!! Oh the amusing stories I could tell about his smoking escapades in which I was dragged along!

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2 Responses to My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

  1. Yes, my husband too. As the world for smokers closes in, the opportunities are taken in increasingly bizarre ways! LOL


    • mtewks says:

      Word of advice from a non-smoker married to a smoker: Do Not be swayed to accompany your beloved smoker to have a smoke outside the doors of Detroit Metro Airport, without taking your boarding pass and ID. Especially when you only have a one hour layover. Bad idea.


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