My Prophetic Dream

a matrix dream

I can only remember one "prophetic" dream. I was doing something in my dream, can't remember what, and a phone was ringing. In my dream I couldn't find the phone. Then I wake up and the real phone is ringing.

Was the phone in my dream an interruption of the phone ringing in real life or was it a prophecy that came true?

You decide.

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6 Responses to My Prophetic Dream

  1. sherby57 says:

    Is it too obvious to just say that the real ringing phone made you dream about it?? lol


  2. I’ve have woken from dreams that had been influenced by a movie that was playing in my room. Freaky…


  3. Mary says:

    It is freaky. Oh the world of the subconscious.


  4. Angie says:

    Dreams are incredible. The mind is capable of so much.


  5. Lindsay says:

    Sounds to me like your phone was ringing and you thought it was in your dream as well. Doesn’t sound too prophetic to me.


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