I already have super hero powers

These are just a few examples of my super hero powers. Good thing my powers never fail.

big old-growth redwood tree, armstrong redwoods

I already have superpowers. They came when I first became a mom, Jan. 24, 1988.

At first, the powers were a bit rudimentary; lacking power and focus. But as the children got older, my superhero powers got stronger and more refined.

One example: A bright sunny yet cold day, Dec.22, 1989; I took my feverish five month old daughter to the doctor. Doctor comes in, checks out the usual suspect areas, can’t find anything out of the ordinary, leaves to confer with another doctor. Minutes later re-enters room, looks at me and says, “Mrs. Tewksbury, we think your daughter as spinal meningitis and it can be fatal. We’d like to admit her.” I was a stunned 24-year-old-mother-with-an-almost-two-year-old-at-home. After a minor internal melt down, WHAMMY! my Mom Super Hero powers kicked in and calmness reigned, not only for me and the baby but for my husband when he finally met us at the hospital. (Everything worked out good. No meningitis.)

Example 2: Same daughter, a hot, late afternoon, July 12, 1992. I’m talking with my sweaty, shirtless husband as he takes a break from tilling the garden. Daughter and her two friends walk up to us. Daughter holding a rag over her finger. “Mom, I cut my finger peeling an apple,” says Amanda. “Let me see,” says a skeptical me. (How bad can it be, she was peeling an apple.) I look at the cut, see the jagged steak knife marks in her finger, the skin hanging off and the blood starting to flow from lack of pressure. I look at husband with a pale face and weak voice and say “Dale I can’t do this.” Husband says to me “I can’t do it either” pointing to his sweaty, dirty body. BANG! My Mom Super Powers kick in and we go to the Emergency Room for stitches. Of course I almost fainted at the hospital but, I never left my baby the whole time she got stitches!

Example 3: Same daughter, in labor at the hospital, Nov. 3, 2007. Hour five of labor and minutes after Amanda starts to deliver, she’s squeezing my hand so hard I do Lamaze breathing techniques myself, just to block out the pain. Doctor says to Amanda, “It’s a girl!” KAPOW! Grandmother Super Powers kick in! It’s a magical thing!

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1 Response to I already have super hero powers

  1. Angie says:

    You’re Superwoman to all of your daughters.


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