If I Could Be a Character From a Book, I’d Be…

Mary Poppins to the rescue!

Mary Poppins is like the early version of Nanny 911 and Super Nanny.

She went into homes that were out of control and reigned in the chaos. No child ever got one over on Mary Poppins. She was way too smart for even the naughtiest kid.

Mary was always calm and knew what to do in any situation.

Although she lacked that cool English accent that the current Nannies have, I’d want to be Mary Poppins, creating peace and instilling boundaries where there is only unrest and mutiny.

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I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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3 Responses to If I Could Be a Character From a Book, I’d Be…

  1. bff says:

    I want to be like the Nanny, like Fran Drescher type ( minus the voice) I want the hot rockin bod and the rich man who marries me! lol


  2. Nice choice. Plus, imagine what you could do with that umbrella.


  3. mtewks says:

    Traveling by umbrella would require more discreet attire!


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