My Dream House

This is a dream. This is just a dream. If this were real, I would have died and gone to heaven.

Farmland along the upper Delaware River in New York state (LOC)

My dream home would be on a two story farmhouse with a wrap around porch. A gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, including a gas stove with three big burners on one side, and three small burners on the other side and a built in, easy-to-clean electric skillet in the middle. (I like to cook, especially for lots of people.)

The main floor would consist of a living room, my office, master bedroom, kitchen and dining room (large enough for a family get together consisting of about 25 people).

The second floor would consist of many bedrooms and bathrooms in which my children and their families and out of town friends and family can occupy when they visit. These would also be used for people who need a temporary place to stay. I guess my house would be a sort of bed and breakfast (lunch and dinner also) for those in need.

My dream house would be situated on at least 200 acres of land, 125 acres of woods with trails for horseback riding, quads and snowmobiling; five acres on which the house itself, pool and backyard would stand, 40 acres would be divided for fields to grow hay for my horses and pastures for grazing and to place the pole barn. Of course there would be a small river/large stream that runs through the property. (Makes for really fun riding quads and horses.) The remaining acres would be used for a large pond, Dale's garden and a pole barn for him to do his car stuff.

I haven't decided if I want to live in the mountains of Colorado, the Upper Peninsula or move south to Kentucky or Tennessee; I should probably consult my husband about that part.

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