Setting the Scene: Where I Live

My hometown

Tree-Lined Street

It is a town full of pride and ruled gently by a corporate giant. The lawns in this city are immaculate and its avenues lined with full blooming flowers or shade trees. Strict city laws are obeyed, and enforced in a timely manner when not obeyed.

Major crime is uncommon yet occurs occasionally as law enforcement keeps the community’s polished image intact.

The residents of this town are diverse in culture. Most work for the the corporate giant. “A city of many churches” is another name for this town as it is home to over 50 churches of various denominations. Science and the arts are highly prized and promoted. The spirit of volunteerism is great in this city and opportunities for involvement plenty.

Often times the inhabitants of this community are looked down up by neighboring communities. It maybe true what the surrounding communities say but the residents walk with their heads held high and maintain their reserved lifestyles.

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I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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