My Earliest Memory

Mem’ries, Light the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories ….

Childhood 10/365

I have this vague memory of a stuffed donkey on wheels riding toy I got for Christmas when I was three. In 1968, we had hardwood floors in our house and I remember the sound of the hard plastic wheels on hardwood floors.

Most of my memories begin when I was four years old and in kindergarten. Kindergarten was a memorable year; first black eye from a fall from the top of the monkey bars at recess; first fall off a wooden riding truck while going down hill, once again at recess. (Those toys should have breaks.) First time getting on the wrong school bus on the way home; what a trip that was!

Lots of firsts my fourth year of life, in addition to the teachings of my oldest brother, Kevin.

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One Response to My Earliest Memory

  1. bff says:

    i remember alot from my 4th yr too, i remember sleeping at my grandparents with my dad while my mom was in the hospital having my sister, i was 3.5 .


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