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My Playlist for the One I Love, Dale

To the one I love. Our Love Is Here to Stay by Nat King Cole Breathe by Faith Hill Sometimes when I walk into a room and I see Dale, it takes my breath away. I Got You Babe by … Continue reading

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The Most Wasteful Thing I Do Each Day

Just say No! to TV. Television In my opinion, driving 40 minutes to and from work each day is a waste of my time. But then, it's a necessity. So, I'd say watching television is a waste of time. I'm … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cliché

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever. Angel of Grief "This too shall pass." I like this cliche because no matter what I'm going through, I know it will pass. Thank God for that!

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If My Life Was a Movie

From the “Plague” to “Sleeping Beauty.” Someday health will come! Sickness has been rampant in my family for weeks now so I’m ready to move on. I’d like my life to be more like Sleeping Beauty; I could use the … Continue reading

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The Weirdest Food I’ve Ever Eaten

Eating Borsch is like taking a walk on the wild side. Borsch I had Borsch in Russia years ago. I’m not adventurous when it comes to eating different foods. I stick to the usual – chicken, beef, pork – so … Continue reading

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Brains or Beauty?

UK Voter Intelligence At Its Worst for 40 Years I'd rather be super intelligent. Information is useful in making wise decisions. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Heart Versus Head

Be lead by that which you know to be true and right. regret. nothing. I usually follow my heart unless my heart leads to do something I know is wrong. Emotions can be deceiving. But I've also followed my heart … Continue reading

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