It Was Total Déjà Vu

Out of mind experience?

I’m thinking of…

My deja vu experiences are always random and inconsequential.

For example, one recent deja vu moment came when I was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner, talking with my two oldest daughters. I turned away from the counter and was facing the girls when it struck me, we've done this exact scene before. Not just the fact that Angie, Amanda and I were having a conversation but the placement of each one of us in the kitchen, the specific conversation and the fact I was holding a hand towel. Every detail of that moment had been played out in my subconscious at some point in the past.

I feel two feelings each time I have a deja vu moment: creeped out and "am I going crazy?"

A recognition of the deja vu moment quickly dismisses the creeped out and crazy feelings and I'm back to life at warp speed.

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