The Star-Crossed Lovers

Not exactly star-crossed lovers, but we were meant for each other from the beginning.

High heels on the floor

She walked through the door and there he was. His dark chocolate brown eyes, his jet black hair with traces of gray only made him more handsome to her. His dark features made her fall in love with him everytime she looked at him. His trim body and athletic appearance made her proud to say he was hers. With his devotion to her clearly written on his face, she couldn't help but smile. Her heart was lite as air.

As she walked down the hall, kicking off her black leather high heels and dropping her full length faux fur coat on the floor, he followed her with his eyes anticipating her every move with excitement. He knew what was coming. She reached the bedroom door, "Let me change into something more comfortable, Carl," she spoke softly.

Carl anticipated her return from work every day. He longed for her during the day. Everything he saw in the house reminded him of her.

Soon, the bedroom door opened. He ached with excitement!

"Okay, Carl. I'm ready," she sighed. "Let's do it." She bent down to tie her running shoes and grabbed Carl's leash off the hall table. "Let's go, Buddy," she said as he patted his head. He dashed down the stairs in front of her waiting impatiently at the door.

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One Response to The Star-Crossed Lovers

  1. bff says:

    haha wow i was thinking pretty kinky…. then i remembered Carl!


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