10 Things That Make Me Happy

There are hundreds of things that make me happy – seeing acts of kindness, fall colors, vacations, new experiences- but I had to narrow it down. So here's my Top Ten List.

My faith
I keeps me sane!

My family
They make me laugh

I don’t know why the makes me happy but it does. And today, it’s sunny. 🙂

Every time I look in the night sky and see a multitude of stars, the beauty that greets me makes be happy.

My granddaughter Taylor
What is it about a three year old that makes life’s troubles melt away, even if for a while?

My best friend, Shelley
I can be totally honest with her and she judges not. Plus, we laugh a lot too.

Chocolate chip cookies
I love chocolate chip cookies!!!

I can’t resist cheesecake!

Happiness is … Curling up with a good book on a cold, snowy winter day or on the beach on a hot summer afternoon, or in my bed snuggled under the covers on a rainy day … heck, reading a good book anywhere anytime makes me happy.


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