My Greatest Achievement

It may be a little achievement, but to me it was a dream fulfilled. It happened later than I planned and with more accompanying me on the journey than expected, but I did it.

Dr. Robert Goddard at Clark University

One of my greatest achievements is graduating from Central Michigan University at the age of 33. I began my college career at 28 years old with a mortgage, a husband and three children. I added a part-time job in my junior year, just to keep my life interesting (sarcastically speaking, of course. Why would anyone do that to themselves if they didn’t have too??)

The logistics of going to college, while juggling school and social schedules of two elementary age girls and a preschooler, plus my own non-academic schedule (Sunday school teacher, brownie leader, preschool helper, etc…) and work boggle my mind to this day. How did I do it then??

Go Chippewas!!!

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One Response to My Greatest Achievement

  1. Courtney says:

    I doff my chapeau to you Mary, didn’t know that’s how you got thru college.

    And to think all I did was survive Tech, and the Phi Kaps, and Yoopeer/local chicks chasing after future engineers (read: husband material on the hoof), and 357 record-breaking (East of the Mississippi) inches of snow my 2nd year. That, and more beer than required to float a battleship. Well, maybe not that much, but we tried!


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