Me, Neighborly?

Crowd eating free barbeque dinner at the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair (LOC)

Hmmm. You be the judge.

Do I bring cookies and baked goods to my neighbors? Only to the youngin’s, Kim and Kris.

Did I wake up one summer night in 1995 when our elderly neighbor’s garage burned to the ground? Boat, lawn tractor, gas cans and all? No. But I did notice when I backed out of my driveway the next day. And I gave them, Glen and Margie, my condolences.

In 1997, was I aware that my neighbor Kim as suffering from care taker-itis, while caring for her invalid, home-bound grandma? No. I missed her daily, frustrated walks up and down the street. Had she been taking those walks at a different time of day, I hope I would have noticed them.

Did I notice when our neighbors (Art and Smitty) had well problems this summer? Heck yes. I sent Dale over to see if they needed help.

While I may not be the neighbor I’d like to be, I try. And I am more aware of my neghbors now that they are considerably older.

The Tewksbury’s, Taylors, Smiths, Walker’s, Eckers and Sians, have been neighbors for over 15 years. We share an occasional bon fire, garden produce, talks over the fence, and “hi” and “goodbye” waves every chance we get. We watch out for one another.

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