My Favorite Photo of Me

Dec. 21, 2008, what a day!

The Wedding Day

Amanda and Wayne Toner and Mary and Dale Tewksbury


This picture was taken Dec. 21, 2008, my daughter Amanda’s wedding day. In addition me are Amanda and her husband Wayne, and my husband Dale.

Prior to this, I had lost 11 pounds to due to a “horse incident” and I was feeling good and eating solid foods again. I felt great not to mention it was a good day of friends and family.

Three weeks prior to this photo being taken, my daughter announced that her and Wayne were getting married, at the courthouse no less. Amanda and Wayne wanted something small and intimate. A courthouse wedding was not the kind of wedding I wanted for my daughter but it was her day. She did consent to being wed in a friend’s church by the pastor who was her children’s pastor when she was in elementary school.

So the joy on my face was two fold, I pulled off a memorable, yet small wedding in three weeks, and I was physically on the mend and feeling great.

Life is good!

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