That Time I Lied About My Age

065/365: Show us your smile!

I lied about my age once when I was a teenager. Told this guy I liked that I was a year older than I really was. Once I started dating this guy and my birthday rolled around, he found out the truth. Not a big deal.

That was the last and only time I lied about my age. For me there’s no need to lie. I’m proud to tell people my age, in part because I’ve never looked or acted my age and to me, age is a number.

When I do the Wii Fitness, the program assesses my fitness to be that of a twenty something or occasionally 30’s. People have always guessed my age younger than my real age, I am blessed with good (young?) genes.

I have always looked at life as: enjoy it now so when I am physically or mentally limited I can look back at all the good times I had and feel like I lived, not just existed.

That’s what life is about: living and experiencing life.

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