My Greatest Heroes

My heroes are people who know when to put themselves first, and when not to.

The eagle flys

My Heroes:

My mom, who, when she found herself a middle-aged, single mom with four kids, said with determination, “I’m going to raise these kids right even if I have to raise them alone.” She raised four kids who turned into productive, stable citizens who each have good spouses and respectful children of their own.

My sister Cathy, who, when she found herself pregnant and alone at age 20, decided to keep her baby. She raised that beautiful baby boy with the help of her family and many well-meaning friends. My nephew is a God-fearing man, dedicated husband and doting father of four children.

My best friend Shelley who had the strength to get out of an abusive marriage to an alcoholic and she found love again with a husband that takes care of her and treats her well.

The biblical David, for each time he messed up, he recognized it for what it was, felt remorse, asked for forgiveness and tried to do better next time.

The bibilcal Paul for giving himself over to cause higher than himself even to the point of death.

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1 Response to My Greatest Heroes

  1. Angie says:

    My hero: You!


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