Technology I Can’t Live Without

Students working on class assignment in computer lab

I can live without technology, but technology helps me live better.

Since my job(s) depend heavily on the Internet, then I’d say I need a computer and the Internet. They kinda go hand in hand, like my cell phone and Verizon (or any other service provider), my Direct TV and the satellite dish.

My family has had a computer and the Internet since the early 90s. I remember when there was only three Internet providers, dial up was the only option and that funny noise the computer used to make when I would “sign on” to AOL.

I’ve been at work when the server went down and work came to a halt. We found other things to do that didn’t include the Internet or the server.

Fortunately, we have some great IT guys and after a few minutes, the server and Internet were up and running.

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2 Responses to Technology I Can’t Live Without

  1. Courtney Fitzsimons says:

    You see Mary, that’s why I really love metallurgy; the controls and analysis techniques may now be high-tech and technolory avant-gard, but the basics of making steel out of iron ore and carbon has stayed the same for centuries. Same goes for hardening, carburizing, nitriding, quenching, etc. etc.

    Metallurgist’s creed: when in doubt, beat it with a bigger hammer. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

    Now you know why all my computer Science, Electrical- and Mechanical-Engineering frat brothers cringed when I got anywhere near their computers, which were basically the equivalent of commodore 64’s back in the early 80s. My cell phone and cable TV controller have more computing power than those old dinosaurs. Hey, my ONLY computer class was FORTRAN, now a dead engineering language, and as freshmen, we were relegated to inputting our programs on PUNCHCARDS! One important card outta place, when you came back to the computer lab the next day, well, garbage in, garbage out.

    I love a lot of technology, especially in cars; I’m a motorhead from my teen “more speed is a good thing” days. but many times, new isn’t necessarily better. Like, what do I really need a 4G phone for? I get 411, I get the internet, I don’t need 842 ringtones, I DONT shop on line, cause I’ve already been flamed with ID theft several times, causing battles with my banks over who owes what. Someone explain why I really need to spend over $200 on a phone, that I wont use more than 10%-20% of its capabilities.

    FYI; all computers are named FRED. Freakin’ Rediculous Electronic Device. ’nuff said.


  2. mtewks says:

    I remember the days of BASIC and punch cards. Not that I ever spent time in those classes or the computer lab while I was in high school; I did walk by the lab often though, as it was near my my English lit class. I love technology but since I had my cell phone lost then stolen a few years ago I try not to depend on technology too much. I am attached to my flash drive though. It’s my assurance that I won’t lose that which I need: files, photos, important contacts.


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