Meat Lover or Meatless: My Stance on Vegetarianism

If it ain't poultry, beef or pig, I don't eat it.

‘Eat Ham’ Turkey

A few years ago I briefly considered becoming a vegetarian. And I'd make a great vegetarian, except I don't like many vegetables.

Deanna, one of my former co-workers, was a vegan. She not only didn't eat meat but didn't use products that used animal parts or products, such as candles made from bees wax. Deanna would tease me about my Subway lunches: a six-inch spicy Italian sub with American cheese on Italian herb and cheese bread, no vegetables. It was all in good fun, but it would be inappropriate to share her exact words.

Needless to say, I like meat! Give me a ham with scalloped potatoes, steak with baked potatoes and gravy, or a grilled chicken breast any time, any day.

I respect those who think and live their lives differently. More power to you! Now pass the burgers.

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One Response to Meat Lover or Meatless: My Stance on Vegetarianism

  1. Angie says:

    God didn’t put animals on this earth only for looks.


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