My Three 2010 Must-Do’s

Get the Christmas tree up, and down.
I always have our Christmas tree taken down and out away a few days after Christmas. It’s Dec. 13 and I still don’t have the tree up. If I don’t get the tree up soon, it’ll be time to take it down.

Actually, this is my kids thing. They like ME to do the baking. They help but for some reason, it’s important to them that I bake with them. Especially chocolate and coconut bon bons.

Use up the last of my vacation time.
I have four hours of vacation time left to use by the end of the year. Today would have been a good day to use it since, as of Sunday, we just got slammed with snow, which melted and froze over night, winds blowing the snow. And today, Mid-Michigan is under a winter weather advisory until 1 p.m. The current temperature in Bay City, MI is somewhere below zero.

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One Response to My Three 2010 Must-Do’s

  1. Angie says:

    We are still to make bon bons…


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