Dude! I Love Slang

No Slang Zone

Beware of slang

I don’t use slang words very much. I’m not a prude but make it a point to communicate intelligently. I don’t mind hearing slang in jokes or to be funny, but in meaningful communication, please refrain.

My adult children, however, and my 20-ish year old co-workers, use slang a lot. The few slang words I despise, and my children know not to use them in front of me, are: “Ma,” (show me respect) “fity’ instead of fifty, (you are smarter than a gangster) and “like.”

“Like” may not be a slang word but it drives me crazy. Using “like” three times in a five word sentence will make me roll my eyes and possibly put my hand on my hip and give a stern look. If its one of my kids, I’d make them repeat the sentence correctly. Fortunately, my kids are trained to use as little slang as possible when talking to me.

My husband, on the other hand, uses slang words to tease me.

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1 Response to Dude! I Love Slang

  1. Courtney says:

    You know what’s a lot of fun? Using slang, interspersed with technical terms far above the other person’s grasp, specific to the conversation you and the “slanger” are attempting to hold.

    The poor SOB doesn’t know WHAT the hell hit him or her!

    And the REALLY funny part comes when they try and recover what little personal dignity they have, and talk in gibberish that you BOTH know is total BS.

    You can then look at that other person for up to about 3 months, with a glance that says “I know you have no idea what you’re talking about, and if you push me in this meeting, I’m gonna drop a bomb on your ass so bad it’ll make Hiroshima look like a kid’s sparkler!”

    Man, I love to be able to call on the carpet self-absorbed, self-important, egotistical people and watch them squirm when the know that at least one (and maybe more) people in the room are absolutely positive they are full of moose-muffins!

    What’s that saying? “Vengence/Retribution/Revenge is a dish that is best served cold”


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