I Hope I Never Lose…

humanity. love. respect.

I never want to lose my ability to show of respect for humanity. Regardless of who you are.

My parents instilled in me that everyone deserves respect just because they are human, like me. So I was taught to respect others whether I like them or not, agree with them or not, believe them or not. Of course the amount of respect I give depends on various factors.

I had a college professor I respected as a professor but had no respect for him as a man. He showed little respect for my younger classmates, was a bigot in his personal life, but was extremely knowledgable in his field. I learned a lot from him.

I had a conversation with my husband’s co-worker at a company picnic one summer. During the entire conversation between him and I, he never looked me in the eye. He would look at my husband, uncomfortably, when answering my questions, as if Dale were initiating the conversation. I showed him respect even though I was very annoyed he didn’t acknowledge me. Of course I kept the conversation going as long as I could since I knew he was uncomfortable talking to me. But I showed respect the entire time!

And working in the newspaper business, I’ve had people be mean, downright rude, to me without cause and I respected their right to speak their mind.

As bad as humanity can get, I still believe the best in people until they prove otherwise.

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