Me? An Entrepreneur?

2ks Creative and Technical Writing

Have desk, will write

I recently, November, started my own business. The Mid Michigan area, let’s be real, the entire newspaper industry, has been hit hard the last two years. In June 2009, many of my co-workers, most of them reporters with 20 years of more experience, were let go due to economic factors: dramatic rise in production costs (ink, newsprint, gas for delivering the papers, etc.) dramatic decrease in revenue due to more people using the Internet to get information and cheaper and easier marketing methods for small businesses; which lead to decrease in circulation and from printing seven days a week to three days a week and therefore less staff needed to put out a paper.

My business, 2ks Creative and Technical Writing, was established last November. I’m an agent for writers who are now freelancing. I also have a financial person who writes and advises and a business person who acts as a consultant for companies. Each day, I go online to freelance web sites and bid on jobs for them and search the Internet for other freelance opportunities.

The idea came to me two years ago, but direction became more focused in November.

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About mtewks

I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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2 Responses to Me? An Entrepreneur?

  1. Courtney says:


    I recently had a class @ the Detroit Main Library, with options for posting your own website, really cheap! If I can get the info downloaded to my flashdrive, or if they have it on a shareware or other site, I’ll let you know. It seemed to be very simple and without cost to the poster. Might be benificial if you don’t have a website already.

    I have been terribly remiss in writing Loren, please extend my apologies when you talk to him or write him, but I’m still battling MRS (Michigan Rehab Serv), which has taken up most of my time to obtain transportation from them to job hunt & interview, and they still haven’t assigned me (in writing, that’s how the last assh*le site manager demanded it) a new office. I’ve been without my major source of bus tickets since the first week of November! But, I have the Michigan Protection Agency, which oversees departments like MRS, looking into this. Lord help me, one governmental agency looking into another, trying to find out which dog has the most fleas! Anyway, please tell Loren I havent abandoned him, I’m just tilting at windmills and battling the dragons that keep popping up in my sordid life! I’m gonna have to start parking my ass at the Wayne State law library ’till all ungodly hours, because I have to file my Habeas Corpus motion in Federal court before I’m off parole, and that’s only 3 months away; gotta get crackin’!

    Oh yeah, please request me as a neighbor for Farmville, I need a few more!


  2. Angie says:

    Since I’m in town & have a fast internet connection at the moment, I’m looking at the Joomla I was telling you about. Says it’s free but I don’t know the whole web hosting process. You better be looking everyday! Feel free to call Brandon any time and set up a business meeting!


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