If I Could Work from Anywhere, I’d Live in…

So many places, so little time.


If I could work from anywhere in the world I’d make Europe my place to live. Of course, I’d have to go alone since my husband doesn’t “care if I ever leave the States again.” Our first trip out of the country was to Russia. Needless to say, Dale is not as adventurous as I am. And I’d have to leave my children and grandchildren at home since they have lives of their own, lives that don’t allow them to globetrot with me. Although I might get my best friend Shelley to trot the globe with me.

I’d take my laptop from country to country getting to know that specific area – its people, culture, language, etc..- then move on to another area. I’d eat like the natives, (unless it’s something really gross like beef tongue), shop like the natives, live like the natives. I have this adventurous spirit and incredible curiosity about how other people live in other countries along with a strong desire to learn foreign languages. Of course, I’d blog about the people I’d meet and adventures I’d have. Who would want to keep that wonderful of an experience to themselves?!

This is a dream. This is only a dream. If it were an actual opportunity, I’d have to pass. I’d miss my husband, children and grandchildren way too much. Other than the seriously cold weather mid-Michigan has had lately, I like Michigan. It is where much of my treasures live.

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1 Response to If I Could Work from Anywhere, I’d Live in…

  1. Angie says:

    I’d globetrot with you!! I’m free as a bird.


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