A Law That Should Exist

The Anti-“Like” law of 2011

366 – 350: You can’t shut me up

The Anti-“Like” Law of 2011.

Which, paraphrased of course, would state: It is prohibited for anyone of any age with the physical ability to speak to use the word “like” more than once in a sentence. Actually, I’d like to outlaw the word completely, but it does have some legitimate uses. It would also hold parents accountable for teaching their children the proper use of the word and enforcing it in public.

Punishment for children and young adults would include writing “I will not over use, or abuse, the word ‘like’ ever again” 1,000 times, neatly written by hand in pencil.

For parents, the punishment would be spending 100 hours hanging out with anyone with half a brain that knows, and enforces, the proper use of the word “like.” Repeat offenders will have their lips duct taped shut every time they leave the house.

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One Response to A Law That Should Exist

  1. Courtney says:

    OOOOOOhhhh, something musta touched a nerve there, like, I mean, like , ya know, fer sure?

    Can’t argue with you, can’t blame you.


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