A Great Boss I’ve Worked With

Rob Clark: Boss of the Year

My current boss is a great boss. Rob Clark is the Community editor of The Bay City Times. Rob's been with The Times for about 10 years now, having held various positions in those 10 years. He's been Community Editor for a year.

What can I say about Rob? How does a theatre major get a job at a newspaper? It must be his creative mind and positive attitude.

It not the fact that he buys us pizza and organizes work "retreats" catered by Qdoba. It's his upbeat, creative and open minded attitude. Even when he's swamped with budgets to create and manage and he runs his hands through his sparse hair and takes a deep, stress-filled breath, his demeaner is funny, positive and lends to a calm, workable atmosphere in the newsroom.

I appreciate the family-like work atmosphere, keeping newsroom conversation appropriate. He is also respected by the entire staff, even if any of our reporters disagree with him. He allows opinions and discussion and doesn't harp on mistakes or what went wrong but encourages us to learn from them and do better next time.

I believe a work environment reflects the attitude of it's leaders. The Bay City Times is fortunate to have Rob as one of its leaders.

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