The Most Difficult Recipe I’ve Mastered

Me vs Gravy

gardien with mushroom gravy and my special pasta salad

My culinary challenge, one that I'm still working on, is making gravy.

I've had many people give me their "recipe" for homemade gravy but to no avail. My gravy turns out lumpy and tasteless.

Now, I can cook quite well, give me a recipe and I can cook it. I can even adlib in the kitchen, making my own creations. But gravy, that's a thorn in my side. My mother-in-law gave her fool-proof recipe for gravy. Add flour to the meat drippings and stir with a fork. Viola! Me: Lumpy, flavor-less gravy. Her: great tasting gravy.

I usually buy gravy from the jar but occasionally this volcano of determination rises up in me: "I must conquer the gravy!" And I try, try again only to make, you guessed it, lumpy gravy.

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3 Responses to The Most Difficult Recipe I’ve Mastered

  1. shelley sayen says:

    I can teach you gravy… its gravy. Trust me


  2. Courtney says:

    Mary, if you ever have me up there, I can teach you gravy that never fails. No matter where we went for Thanksgiving or Christmas, Aunt Helen (my mom) was doing the gravy. No doubts, no discussions, she was the gravy guru, and I inherited her knowledge on how to do it right. Both my parents were excellent cooks; my dad actually was written up by Molly Abrams (sp?), the food critic of the Det. News as the “Floating Chef” f0r his culinary exploits during the Port Huron-Mackinac race. Problem was , he was probably the messiest cook in the world, and guess who got to clean up when he cooked at home?


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