Sunrise vs. Sunset

Lake Garda Sun&Moon

I love sunrises because I am a morning person and to sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of hot cocoa, even in the summer, gazing at a brilliant sunrise, energizes me. I guess my favorite place to see the sunrise is on my way to work. I’m not in a comfortable chair with a cup of cocoa but my daily morning 40 minute drive eastward allows me to watch the sunrise change from dark blue sky to pinks, oranges, reds and yellows. Depending on the time of year, by the time I get to work the sky is either glowing with the signs of daylight or fully enveloped in sunshine. Either way, I’m energized for the day.

I also love sunsets. Sunsets are my way of winding down. Unfortunately in the winter winding down begins at 4 or 5 p.m. (too early!). Sunsets are just a beautiful as sunrises just in reverse. I like to watch the sunset until the stars begin to twinkle. In the summer that’s the sign to light the bonfire and begin the evening’s festivities.

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