April Fool’s Day 2011

I’ll get her next year!

Laughing Monks

I didn’t pull any pranks, but I fell for one from my daughter Angie.

On April Fool’s Day I was sitting at my desk working. Shortly after 10 a.m. I get a text from my daughter Angie. This is how the text/conversation goes:

Text: “Mom I hit a deer.” Knowing we live in the country and she drives through the country to get to work this is a very plausable text. Plus, she drives a newer car that she’s still paying on. Cause for concern.

I call her concerned:”Are you OK? How’s your car?”

I hear her laugh, “Mom, it was meant to be a joke.”

Me, indignant as she’s laughing hysterically: “I’m not talking to you anymore!” Click. I hang up my cell phone while her giggle rings in my ears. My co-workers, hearing the conversation, realize I was had and give me a hard time.

It was even funnier between her and my husband!

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