What’s Worth Waiting in Long Lines


The long line to take the Amitayus – Hayagriva Long Life Blessing and Initiation, Tharlam Monastery gate, conversation while choosing a katag, Tibetan people, Red White Blue are the Sakya colors, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

1. A 16 oz. hot chocolate with a shot of Espresso from Sweet Boutique in downtown Bay City, Michigan.

2. A 16 oz. Death by Chocolate drink from The Mug at the Wirt in Bay City.

If we’re including waiting on the phone, 3. Verizon tech support. Not that I enjoy waiting for long periods of time on the phone either, but Verizon’s customer service is so nice and very helpful so I know it’s worth the wait.

I guess spending two hours in the Emergency Room waiting area with a broken elbow is the longest “line” I’ve been in. It was definitely worth the 2 hour wait!

Normally, I don’t wait in long lines. I’m not one to camp out for concert tickets or stand in line beginning at 11 p.m. at Target for a Wii; there’s nothing material in this world that would cause me to wait in a long line.

I shop like a woman on a mission, unless I’m window shopping (not buying, just looking.) I’m more likely to be on the phone on hold for 8, 10, 23, minutes.

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