Where I Go for News

Anyway I can get it.

Dead Sea newspaper

Call me old fashioned, I like to get my news from the newspaper. There's something relaxing about reading the paper. I love to read USA Today over a cup of cocoa or juice in the morning.

But since I work for newspaper, I get the news verbally, online, in print, on television. If there's a breaking news story, the newsroom television goes on and, if it's really big news, we all watch. That's how we watched the earthquake in Japan.

I do have a national news widget on my iGoogle page that I enjoy reading. And the McDonalds in downtown Bay City has a big flat screen television that's always on Fox News.

News junky?

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1 Response to Where I Go for News

  1. Courtney says:

    LOVE the pic, glad to see someone else (gawd, are we getting that old?) enjoys the simple pleasure of a newspaper, a cup of coffee, and nobody bothering you for a few micro-seconds on a Sunday morning. But, c’mon Mary, USA Today???? That’s like eating fluffer-nutter for breakfast when you could be having eggs benidict!

    Okay, I better not p.o. the local scribe.

    But USA TODAY??? I’ve NEVER liked that rag, even when I was doing a job in GA, AL, CO, or wherevever. And, I did those jobs in the dark ages before iPhones, email, and all the other stuff we take for granted today.

    Oh, Mary Mary Mary, sounds like I gotta get with Dale and get you de-programmed from that vile USA Today scourge.

    Just kiddin, dear, just think of this as a belated April Fool’s on you. Not nearly as bad as your daughter phantomly “wrecking” her car on a deer.


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