I Won!!

One accidental payoff.

Colorado Lottery Ticket

I won $82 on a $3 accidental lottery bet.

Years ago here in Michigan, years before there was plethora of lottery options, I went to a local party store and asked for thee one dollar Michigan lottery tickets. The guy behind the counter said "Do you want easy picks?" I had no idea what an easy pick was, but didn't know what to say so I said "Of course" with a false confidence.

Two days later I bring my ticket back and, knowing I won something but not sure how much, asked the same guy "How much did I win?"

He counts out $82 and hands it to me with a smile.

Wow was I surprised! The computer was good to me that day.

I rarely buy a lottery ticket, even after that minor windfall. Once or twice my husband and I have bought a lottery ticket for the multi-state lottery when the jackpot was an obscene hundreds of millions of dollars. Just for fun.

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