Bad Habits that Need to Go

Here and gone!

Italian dark hot chocolate

My name is Mary and I’m an espresso addict. It’s been one month since my last espresso.

Many a time I was tempted. For example, between 9 and 10 a.m. every weekday morning, when many of my co-workers make a coffee run to this really fun and cool place around the corner from the newsroom, the Sweet Boutique.

Oh the wonderful smell of chocolate and espresso that greets me at the door each trip. My blood sugar plummets just at the sight of all that chocolate yet my adrenaline quickens as Rob hands me my most favorite drink in all the world: a 16 oz hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, (or two shots depending on how my morning was going.) My heart races at the very thought of the warm chocolately drink caressing my throat with each sip, and how the espresso gives me the jump start I so needed. And afterall, Michigan winters can be brutal. Everyone needs a warm up on a cold, blustery winter day (or a lukewarm, sunny-almost-spring day), don’t they?!

After a physical, my doctor told me to cut back from my 3-4 cups a week habit. I said to him “It’s all or nothing, Doc.” There was no way I could “cut back.” How could I only drink 2 cups a week of the most wonderful drink known to this mankind?!

Nope, I quit cold turkey. It was hard. I had some withdrawl symptoms and was a tad cranky at times. My heart would race when I heard the familair phrase, “Who’s wants coffee?” Sweat would form at my brow when I saw my co-workers return from their coffee run, each holding the Sweet Boutiqe’s familiar cardboard cups.

But I persevered and saved myself, physically and financially (addictions are costly!) and I feel better for it!

Now, I’m on to smoothies!

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