My Childhood Dream Job

Nothing but a teacher.


My childhood dream job was to be a teacher. For as long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. (I thought about being a jocky for awhile but I grew too tall.) Throughout my childhood and into my teen years, there was never any doubt: I’d be a teacher.

When I was seven, I used to arrange the TV trays and diningroom chairs like a classroom in my dad’s den. Winnie the Pooh, my dolls and other stuffed animlas were my students. My class was well-behaved. Even when I graduated from high school in 1983 I took pre-req classes for teaching.

After a year of college I dropped out, got married, had three kids and went back to college in 1994. During those years absent from academia, I was bitten by the journalism bug. So, instead of getting a teaching degree, I earned a Journalism degree.

I was very active in my chilren’s education though, from preschool and beyond. I was a local co-op preschool board for two years, I taught Junoir Achievement at the elementary level for many years, taught Sunday school, was a Brownie leader, and a youth leader at church so I still got to hang out with kids of all ages and hopefully impart a few bits of wisdom in some young lives.

I’ve lived the best of both worlds.

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