The Best Musical Performance I’ve Attended

“Singing in the Rain”


The best live performance I’ve ever seen was not Cirque du Soleil, the Moscow Circus or the show outside Treasure Island hotel in Vegas.

It was a dress rehearsal for the Midland Center for the Arts’ production of “Singing in the Rain.”

Many years ago I worked at The Midland Daily News with a wonderful woman named Penny Padget. Her teenage daughter was a very talented actress and singer. Even though I can’t remember her daughter’s name, I can still see this high school-age teen singing and dancing the raining street scene from the show. Her voice was strong and clear, she danced around the light pole so carefree and happy, twirling her umbrella. The real “rain” falling on the stage was mesmorizing. Me and my 7 year old daughter, Lisa, were so caught up in that scene that we didn’t speak during the entire scene. We were awed!

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2 Responses to The Best Musical Performance I’ve Attended

  1. shelley says:



  2. Courtney W. Fitzsimons says:

    I still remember seeing “Godspell” in 7th or 8th grade (hey, I went to a Catholic grade school) at (I think) The Fisher in Detroit, and being absolutely blown away. Never got a chance to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” but I still want to.

    Confession: JC SS was the very first LP I ever owned; my ‘rents got it for me for Easter after I saw Godspell.

    Best Concert? Hey, that’s a “live performance” too. Oh man, that’s tough, cause I’ve been to over 50. Got to see Kieth Moon with the Who in ’75, and John Bonham with Led Zeppelin in ’76 before both of them died far too early. Two of the greatest rock drummers ever. Saw Seger, Kiss, and J.Giles all at Cobo Hall in ’76 when “Double Live Bullett”, “Kiss Alive”, and half of J. Giles’ “Blow Your Face Out” live ablums were recorded. Had a lot of wonderful times with various dates at various concerts at the old Pine Knob, back when you could bring in a cooler with your own food, beer, soda (no glass allowed), etc. And in ’04, when I came back to the D and was walking up Woodward, I saw the marquis at The Fox (first time I’d seen it since they moved it across Woodward) with Deep Purple doing their entire “Machine Head” album, the one with “Smoke on the Water”, with Thin Lizzy as warm-up band. Only tickets left were in the upper balcony, but I was still closer than most concerts at The Palace, on Pine Knob’s lawn, at Joe Louis. etc. The acoustics? OH MAN, ABSOLUTELY INDESCRIBABLE!! The bands weren’t extremely loud, but the sound was SO CLEAN, like listening to a brand-new vinyl at a volume just below distortion.

    I dont ever want to ge back to a concert in a barn like Joe Louis again!


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