My Parent’s Influence on My Personality

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Even though I’m a Mama’s girl, I’m still very much my father’s daughter.

My dad is the director of the Head Start Association of Hawaii. He’s always had a passion for youth of all ages. He’s worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters and numerous other agencies involved with children and youth. Throughout my life, I too have been involved with people of various ages. As a teenager, I rode the church bus to pick up kids for Sunday school and church; at various times in my adult life I’ve been a Sunday school teacher for all grade levels, co-op preschool class helper and preschool board member, Brownie leader, Junior Achievement teacher for middle school students, parent volunteer in my kid’s elementary school classes and crisis pregnancy counselor.

My dad is easy going, laid back, doesn’t get ruffled about much; so am I.

My dad can work a room and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I saw him in action at my brother’s wedding reception. I’m good with small groups of people. I’d like to work to be better in a large group setting. I’m not the charmer that my dad is but I do have a bit of that trait too.

Makes me wonder how much hereditary plays in personality development.

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1 Response to My Parent’s Influence on My Personality

  1. Angie says:

    Maybe you don’t think you’re a “charmer” but you sure are a flirt. HAHA =P


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