Day 2 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Today my blogging challenge is to share 20 things about me. So here we go.

1. My favorite TV show is”Alaskan Bush People.” I will drop everything to watch it every Friday night or DVR it so I can watch it later. It’s the only show I make time to watch.

2. I’d rather clean the bathroom than do dishes. But I do the dishes anyway.

3.  I love thunderstorms. Bring on the flashes of lightning, high winds and rumbles of thunder. Anything short of a tornado and I’m into it. A good snowstorm is awesome too.

4. Although I enjoy all of Michigan’s wonderful seasons, summer is my favorite.

5. I’m over my fear of drowning/suffocating.

6. I have two grandchildren, Taylor and Austin.

7. I’ve had the same best friend since high school. Thanks Shelley.

8. I celebrate 16 years at the same job in September. Where has the time gone?

9. I’m part of Team Tewks and doing my first Relay for Life 24 hour walk, July 25-26. I’m 35% nervous, 45% excited and 20% unorganized to camp for a weekend. Anyone have a camper with an expando, maybe some air conditioning, an espresso machine …

10. I own a hand gun called The Judge. It shoots two different kinds of ammo and is not the kind of gun you put in your purse.

11. Reading a real book is still my favorite way to read but I’m in love with my Nook tablet! I’m walking the line between the real and digital.

12. I love to read newspapers. Every time I visit a new place I feel a strong desire to read the local newspaper. USA Today is my favorite newspaper though.

13. I think downtowns are cool places. I’ve worked in numerous cities and love to discover their downtown areas.

14. “Reply All” on emails is one of my pet peeves. Unless it’s really necessary, do not “reply all.” At least not to me.

15. My husband and I started dating in 1981 when he was 17 and I was 15. (He’s still a hottie.)

16. I have six children, including my two wonderful son-in-laws. Angie, Amanda, Wayne, Lisa, Kenny and Sasha.

17. I don’t get on Facebook everyday.

18. In college (late 90s), I used to bench press 110 pounds which was what I weighed at the time. No way am I going to try that now.

19. I do not like needles or blood. I faint or come close to fainting when I get my blood drawn.

20. I’m hooked on Starbucks’ Double Shots, the best combination of espresso and cream on earth!

So there you are, 20 random facts about me. Feel free to share 20, 10, or even 5 random facts about you.


About mtewks

I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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2 Responses to Day 2 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Aimee says:

    My daily trip to the store is to get a Starbucks mocha frappe and a cup of ice. I prefer the caramel but the mocha will have to do. I’m sure I could request he stock it in the store and he would.


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