Day 4 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: My Dream Job


My Dream Job would be working for myself but doing quite a bit of what I’m doing now. 

Currently I work for the largest news organization in Michigan. I put together an entertainment post twice a week, write a pet of the week post, just started writing content for our ad clients as well as many other things that are not as fun. This year I became a volunteer grant researcher and writer for a nonprofit. 

I enjoy writing and research. Since I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an advertising concentration, working for a media company is a good fit. But after almost 16 years, I’m itching to do something else.  

My dream job would be a full time freelancer which would include researching and writing grants, writing ad content for web sites and possibly some print content. Working for myself would allow me to set my own schedule thereby allowing me to be available to take my mom to the doctor, babysit my grandkids when needed, have lunch with any one of my four children or my best friend and make a difference in people’s lives. After all, people matter. It would also free me from dealing too many middlemen, best practices that don’t make sense and the too-many-chiefs-not-enough-Indians management style.  

Mobility would have to be part of my dream job. My company requires most of its employees to work from anywhere in the state. We all have our own laptops and most employees have company cell phones. I can imagine myself sitting on the deck up at my family cottage, sun streaming through the trees, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, laptop open on the picnic table working on a grant or piece of content. I’ve actually done that and it was great. I’ve also worked from a laundry mat, Starbucks, the Sweet Boutique coffee shop and my home, my neighbor’s home and multiple MMG Hubs throughout the lower part of Michigan. And I’ve enjoyed it. Mobility, or the option of being mobile, is my number 2 requirement.  

I know that working for oneself is hard work. No paid holidays, no regular raises, few, if any, people to send squirrel pictures too all day long, no Friday donuts or co-workers to discuss or debate current events  But it also means more freedom to do other things, to experiment, to not be owned by a company, to follow my own rules or break them.

Who knows, maybe someday that dream will come true. If so, you’ll read it here first!


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I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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