Day 6 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: What are you afraid of?

The Judge by Taurus

The Judge by Taurus

Day 6: What am I afraid of? The dictionary defines afraid as “feeling fear or anxiety; frightened; worried that something undesirable will occur or be done; unwilling or reluctant to do something for fear of the consequences.” Worried is defined as “anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems.”

I think a small dose of being afraid is good. A healthy dose of fear keeps us safe. I own a handgun called The Judge. Dale and I enjoy shooting targets with it as well as shooting rifles. Each time I hold The Judge in my hand, seconds before firing off five rounds of a combination of 410 and 45 ammo, I feel a brief sense of reluctance, worry, fear; handling a gun is an awesome responsibility. Even an accidental shooting can have life and death consequences. For a few seconds I also think about how people use guns, maybe even a Judge handgun, to kill another human. What goes through their minds to do such a horrible act? Not to mention the consequences of shooting someone.

So my “fear” or brief reluctance, which I call a healthy respect for guns, keeps me from being careless when shooting my gun. But then I shoot off five rounds of ammo and have so much fun doing it, I want to do it again!

Am I afraid of shooting a gun? I guess so. Does it stop me from shooting it? No!


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