Day 10 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Best trip of your life

I’ve taken some wonderful trips: Russia, spring break in Florida, a bus trip from Long Beach to Midland, MI. (ok, only the first 24 hours were wonderful), camping in the Keweenaw Peninsula. But my best trip ever is still to come.

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My dream vacation is to take the family, all 10 of us, on a spring break trip to Oahu, Hawaii. It begins with a limo drive to Detroit Metro where it will take a fleet of luggage carts and a few Klonopins to get 8 adults and 2 kids boarded. Most of the family has flown on a plane but there are a few who haven’t, therefore, the Klonopin might come in handy.

Taking into consideration the 6 hour time difference between Michigan and Hawaii and that fact that Oahu is 4,289 miles away, by air, there really isn’t a good time of day to leave. Regardless of when we depart, the 7 hour trip will feel like a 12 hour trip after flying through three time zones, even longer if there’s more than one layover. Hence, more Klonopin, maybe some Moscato, rum and coke or a few beers, depending on who needs what.

And since this is my dream vacation, we are going first class. Let’s skip the $1200 per person, round trip economy seats and go for the almost $2300 first class seats! Since there’s 10 of us and most planes only have 12-16 first class seats, first class will be temporarily overrun by Tewksburys. What the heck, this is a dream vacation so I’ll buy out all the seats in first class and let Austin and Tay run the isles like banshees. After all, I want this to be a pleasant experience for them too.

Once we land in Oahu, another limosine takes us to our 4 bedroom, 4 bath luxury rental condo in Hauula, Hawaii with beach and mountain views.  The property includes many amenities, including a hot tub. Why anyone would want to hot tub in such a warm climate, I do not know but for $4216 for the week, the family will use the hot tub.

After a day of rest and we’re settled in, it’s time to unleash the family upon the island. There is so much to do on Oahu. My first stop would be visiting Pearl Harbor which includes the USS Arizona Memorial, The Battleship Missouri Memorial, The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, the Pacific Aviation Museum and the USS Oklahoma Memorial. After a day of somber remembrance, it’s on to some Hawaiian fun!

I want to pet a dolphin at the Sea Life Park, see rare Peppermint Angelfish at the Waikiki Aquarium, take a twilight tour at the Honolulu Zoo, lose the family in the 1.7 mile Dole Plantation maze and take a train ride on the Pineapple Express. I know Lisa, Amanda and me will horseback ride then go four wheeling with the family at the Kualoa Ranch. And hiking to the Makapuu Point Lighthouse and up Diamond Head is a must. Who’s up for hula lessons, snorkeling, surfing?

There’s endless things to do on Oahu and I know my family would enjoy themselves and make some once in a lifetime memories. And good memories make up the best trip of a lifetime.


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