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I am Mary Tewksbury and this is my blog. I’m a wife, mom and grandmother. Currently I work as an editorial admin for a media company that owns  a couple websites and numerous newspapers in Michigan. I’m based in Bay City and Saginaw, MI and write a weekly pet of the week post and an entertainment post twice weekly as well as other administrative duties.

For the last few years I’ve been on the verge of what I call “editorial burnout.” I’m not a reporter, never wanted to be one, but I have writing responsibilities, of which only the two mentioned above are even remotely creative.  I like my job but don’t enjoy the editorial world as much as I used to. I am now in full blown editorial burnout which has lead me to learning new skills to challenge myself, including exercising my creative and technical writing skills. I actually have a business on the side called 2ks Creative and Technical Writing.

In January, I started grant writing for a non-profit organization, earlier this month I started a 30 day blogging challenge and also started writing ad content for my company’s advertising clients and now, Blogging 101.  I am loving it all!

Although I’ve worked for the same company for 15 years, and the company has been good to me, my goal is to work for myself writing advertising content, grants, maybe some print feature writing and blogging for fun and profit. I hope to add document translation to my skill set in the near future. Working for myself has been a goal of mine for about 8 years but learning the skills began four and a half years ago. And each year there’s more to learn.

Writing is also in my blood. I dabbled as teen writing poems and a few short stories, which I never showed anyone. Writing is therapy, it’s a stress reliever and I enjoy it. I also enjoy reading so I look forward to reading each Blogging 101 blog in the coming weeks!


About mtewks

I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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2 Responses to Mary’s Blog

  1. kirstwrites says:

    Hi Mary, thanks for visiting and liking my blog. Your goal sounds pretty much the same as mine except you’re probably a bit further towards it than I am – I’ll be following your blog with interest. Good luck!


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