Day 22 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your worst habits

Procrastination is my worst habit. Procrastination is the delaying or postponing of something. It comes into play when there’s a tedious, boring task I need to do but am so tired of doing it. Sometimes I procrastinate about washing the dishes, doing laundry, (didn’t I do three loads yesterday?)  or grocery shopping.

Procrastination is nowhere in sight when there’s something fun, new or interesting to do. Give me a writing assignment, a new trail to walk, an adventure to take, new people to meet and I’m into it!

Can anyone relate?


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I like to write for fun and profit. This is my fun blog.
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6 Responses to Day 22 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your worst habits

  1. Becky B says:

    Procrastination is not my problem habit, mine is distraction! I do get the boring tasks done but when something fabulous to do comes along I spend so much time on it that the inbetween type of tasks fall down the list again!


  2. At one time in my life (if memory doesn’t fail me) I made a point of being early, being prepared, getting things done on time. Alas, time has taken a nip from that apple and I now see the advantages of days of procrastination. This may not be an accurate perception, but I enjoy it.


  3. I guess for me I procrastinate another hour with a book or blog browsing these days and have just lost days of possible hours on a writing task. Then I finally get on with the writing …


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