Day 23 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge: If you won the lottery …

Michigan LotteryIt depends on how much I won. Paying off debt would the first thing. I’d also start a foundation where high school and college students can apply for scholarships and non-profits can apply for grants. Since January 2015, I’ve seen the non-profit world from the inside. The need is great and some of the programs offered are amazing.

Locally, there are a few non-profits that are near and dear to my heart.

The Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation is a foundation dedicated to children. Established in 1996 but radio personality Johnny Burke, the foundation has donated more than one million dollars to a variety of causes helping children. Recently, the foundation began helping teachers buy supplies for their classrooms instead of the teachers using their personal money to do so. Any cause that improves the lives of children is worth supporting. Check out the foundation’s website.

Adoption Option, Inc. – This non-profit improves the lives of children and their families. Adoption Option, Inc. offers family preservation and reunification programs, adoption and foster care services and mentoring programs. Staff members come alongside families to help parents be the best parents they can be. For children in the foster care system, the organization offers mentoring programs and adoption services when those children can’t return to their home but find a loving family to call their own.

Cancer Services of Midland – I learned about this organization while participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life last July. And although the American Cancer Society is a worthy cause, all money raised and awarded to Cancer Services of Midland stays in the area. Their mission is “to provide personal and compassionate cancer support, education, and prevention services to Midland, Clare, and Gladwin counties.”

Whether you live in the United States, India, England or anywhere else in the world, I encourage you to find an organization that supports a cause near and dear to your heart. One person can make a difference.


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